Written by Brandstream founder Scott Bedbury and published in March 2002 by Viking Press, A New Brand World is a departure from most business books. It provides entertaining, in the trenches experiences inside Nike and Starbucks, as well as Scott’s experiences as an advertising executive and brand development consultant.
Whether it be sneakers, coffee, soda, technology, financial services or a web-based business, A New Brand World offers the following principles:

1. Relying on brand awareness has become marketing fool’s gold – smart brands are more concerned with brand relevancy and brand resonance

2. You have to know it before you can grow it – most brands don’t know who they are, where they’ve been and where they’re going

3. Always remember the Spandex rule of brand expansion – just because you can doesn’t mean you should

4. Great brands establish enduring customer relationships that have more to do with emotions and trust than with footwear cushioning or the way a coffee bean is roasted

5. Everything matters – even your restroom

6. All brands need good parents – unfortunately most brands come from troubled homes

7. Big is no excuse for being bad – truly great brands use their superhuman powers for good and place people and principles before profits

8. Relevance, simplicity, and humanity – rather than technology – will distinguish brands in the future

"I know the brand literature' cold – and most of it leaves me cold. This book is different. This author is different. This is a wise book. A collection if great stories about creating the greatest story of all – a 'brand story' that is true and compelling and that persists. This is not a 'quick read' – it is a book to savor and discuss with only your best friends and colleagues. Great brands are about who we are – in the end, character issues. Bravo Scott – now I understand why you are perhaps the greatest brand maven of our time."

Tom Peters

"I don't think there is anyone in the world who knows more about strong brands than Scott Bedbury– there is certainly no one who can tell his story and make his points with such insight and wit. A New Brand World gives you the inside story of Nike, Starbucks, and other top brands with sharp commentary and analysis. This is a highly entertaining read, but one with many valuable lessons about how to build and manage strong brands. Inspiring and informative, it will make you a better marketer. It got the left side of my brain buzzing, the right side humming, and my brand mojo working!"

Kevin Lan Keller
E.B. Osborn Professor of Marketing
Amos Tuck School of Business

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