Making Brands Better, Not Just Bigger



Everything will matter more as we enter an age that will be defined by transparency and endless waves of digital distortion, distraction and disruption. Today, what we say and how we say it, what we do and how we do it, who we hire, who we fire – and who we turn a blind eye to – can impact trust in ways hard to imagine a decade ago.

For three decades, Brandstream and its founder, Scott Bedbury, have helped brands become better rather than just bigger, to be more authentic and present, and better prepared for the scrutiny that a connected, empowered society will bring.  

Whether it be advising legacy brands like Starbucks, Nike, Samsung, Apple, Coca-Cola, Starwood or Microsoft, or helping startups like Airbnb and Casper Sleep build scalable brand foundations, size doesn’t matter. Culture, creativity, collaboration and courage do.

Great brands are about who we are – how we communicate our essence, our character. [Scott Bedbury is] perhaps the greatest brand maven of our time.
— Tom Peters, Author of 'In Search of Excellence'

Who We Are

I co-founded Brandstream in 1998 with my wife, Sammi, to help brands become better rather than just bigger, and to prepare them for a more transparent, interconnected and digitally disrupted world. In the two decades since, Brandstream has collaborated with a league of extraordinary men and women who have left fingerprints on some of the most iconic brands in history. Since the release of A New Brand World in 2002, I have shared my experiences in 30 countries on six continents and advised leaders in healthcare, software, social media, retail, food, beverage, hospitality, financial services and national defense. I am currently finishing a new book to help brands big and small navigate the greatest collapse of trust in memory. When not writing or consulting, you might find me fly fishing on a Northwest stream with a few friends, quietly pursuing the headwaters of the next brand challenge.



What We Do

Brandstream helps executives and their teams affirm their convictions and brand promises, find a purpose more valuable than profit, and prepare their core beliefs for the disruption and distrust the future may bring. We help them become master storytellers inside and out, and build organizations with the capabilities, conscience and resilience to attract and inspire the best.


We're Rooted in the Northwest  

But Our Clients Are All Over The Globe


Our Northwest Spirit

Brandstream is based in Bend and embraces the spirit of Cascadia and the explorers, pioneers and rebels who had the sense to bypass the Gold Rush and stay in Oregon.

The cowards never started, and the weak died along the way - that leaves us.
— Nike Co-Founder. three-time Olympic coach and son of Oregon pioneers, Bill Bowerman