1. Find the insights others miss – dig deep and talk to real people

2. Strengthen brands first from within and give everyone a way to join in

3. Crystallize and weaponize your core values and beliefs for the inevitable battle

4. Deliver your brand promise at every touch point, monitor and make tough calls

5. Become a world-class storyteller that inspires others to tell your best stories for you

6. Believe in your God – and your data – but row away from the rocks

7. Respect that algorithms have no conscience or empathy—at least not yet

8. In an artificially intelligent world, real leaders will be fully human, present and engaged

9. Understand how easily the wild, wild web can destroy you

10. Never stop finding ways to use your God-given talents and powers for good

11. The most important things you can do for your brand will take years

12. Be authentic and honest about with your flaws and accept those of others

One of the things Scott does best is help companies elevate their storytelling.
— George Murphy, CEO of Modo Group