What Drives Us

1. Find the insights others miss – talk to real people, especially the little ones

2. Strengthen brands from within and make everyone part of the hero’s journey

3. Prepare your core values and beliefs for a world of distrust and deception

4. Know that a brand promise is nothing without a corporate conscience

5. Become a master storyteller that inspires others to tell stories for you

6. Believe in whatever God you choose but row away from the rocks

7. Respect that algorithms lack what you made need most — conscience and empathy

8. In a sea of digital distraction, real leaders will be more present and engaged

9. Understand how easily a weaponized web can destroy decades of trust

10. Never stop finding ways to use your talents and powers for good

11. The best things you can do for a brand takes years, if not decades

12. Turn your organization inside out before someone does it for you