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Photo by  ev  on  Unsplash

Photo by ev on Unsplash

“No More Secrets: The Search for Truth and Trust in the Disinformation Age”

Not since Oppenheimer split the atom has a new technology so radically shifted the course of human history, this time with even less thought for how it might be used, abused or defused. For all the empowering, entertaining and frictionless ways of the Internet, the social platforms that exploit its unfathomable power are now complicit in the greatest assault on truth and trust in history.  No institution, no government, no brand or individual is immune to the forces now at play.

Ten new principles build on the author’s first book, A New Brand World, to help individuals and organizations understand how to build trust when no one seems to know who or what to trust anymore, and why our deepest, most authentic human connections will be more valued in an artificially intelligent world rife with digital distraction.

We visit the ones who helped shape forces at play today in the moments they began to disrupt whole industries. We talk with Jeff Bezos when all of his servers fit in a closet near his desk, Steve Jobs shortly after his return to Apple, Mark Zuckerberg in 2010 as he ignores advice to begin behaving like a responsible brand, and the founders of Airbnb in 2011 as they set out to build trust in places where it did not yet exist. We visit a dozen companies in their own seminal moments of truth and trust, including the rise, fall and rise again of Microsoft, the reinvention of America’s largest managed health care system, Starbucks as it shuddered under the forces required to move from one store opening a week to three per day, and NASA as it struggled to rebuild trust in the wake of the Columbia disaster.

Funny, frightening and fascinating, the book takes us into the trenches in lived experiences with the author to frame up the challenges that a more transparent, distorted and distrusting world will bring for all of us. Telling your story and strengthening your reputation are no longer a luxury and only the best storytellers will be heard above the roar of three billion others. In this new brand world, a legacy no longer waits for the end of a career – it will happen every time you leave a room. There’s never been a better time to lead with a purpose greater than profit, commit to being better rather than just bigger and use our superhuman powers for good.



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