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Hitler Would Have Loved Twitter

by Scott Bedbury

“The Cambridge Analytica revelations have exposed how easy it is to push disinformation, hate and propaganda into the bloodstream of a loosely guarded media platform. By itself, that’s not a revelation. Every media innovation since the Gutenberg Press has eventually served the demons of propagandists and the Holy See alike, but social media is not just another innovation. Not since we split the atom have we created something so capable of tearing at the fabric of humanity so quickly…”


Photo by  Oliver Kiss  on  Unsplash

Photo by Oliver Kiss on Unsplash

Happy Birthday, Just Do It

by Scott Bedbury

“On a hot August night 30 years ago this month, three words appeared on the screen of a commercial that changed the future of a struggling Oregon shoe company. As words go, they weren’t much. By themselves they meant little. But in the hands of Nike’s advertising agency, led by founders Dan Wieden and David Kennedy, they became magic…”