Book #2 – Coming 2019

Photo by  ev  on  Unsplash

Photo by ev on Unsplash


“No More Secrets: The Search for Truth, Trust and Transparency in the Disinformation Age” (Working Title)

“Not since Oppenheimer split the atom have we seen how easily technology can change the arc of history with so little thought to how it might be used, abused or defused. For all of its empowering, entertaining and frictionless ways, the Internet and the enormous platforms that ride it for free – search, commerce and social media – have finally begun to tear at the very fabric of humanity. As with dawn of the nuclear age, the potential for disruption exceeds our institutional capacity to monitor, much less govern it. But unlike splitting nuclei, artificial intelligence weapons are freely available, can circle the planet in seconds and be unleashed by anyone with a connected device and ill will. True, it has never been easier to have dog food delivered to your door or share a video with friends, but it’s also never been easier to distort reality, inflame dark ideologies, undermine democracy or destroy trust that may have decades if not centuries to build…”


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