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Brandstream was created by Scott Bedbury in 1998 to share best practices developed in his career as a marketing executive for Nike and Starbucks during their leaps to global category leadership. Bedbury and his Brandstream Partners advise chief executives and their teams around the world, helping design and develop strategic brand initiatives, and provide seminars and “brand immersion” programs either onsite or at its Brookswood retreat facility in Bend, Oregon. 

As director of advertising, Bedbury led the creation of Nike’s “Just Do It” campaign in 1987, helping transcend its young male American customer base to become a more globally relevant icon for all. As Starbucks chief marketing officer he helped CEO Howard Schultz design a develop a welcome “Third Place” experience for millions and establish what has become the definitive case study experiential marketing and brand design. 

Since leaving the corporate side, Bedbury and his team have advised Fortune 200 leaders and startups including Airbnb, Casper Sleep, Kaiser Permanente, P&G, Samsung, Adobe, Microsoft, Corona, Coca-Cola, VWAG, Russian Standard, Starwood Hotels, Deloitte, NASA, the US Navy, Ferrero, AS Watson and Dignity Health Systems. 

Bedbury is also author of A New Brand World; Eight Principles for Achieving Brand Leadership in the 21st Century, published by Viking Press. He is currently working on his next book, a guide for leaders who must now build trust in the age of distrust. He has delivered keynote addresses on business innovation, brand leadership, experiential marketing, category disruption, storytelling, consumer insights, organizational culture and corporate responsibility in more than 30 countries.

I know the ‘brand literature’ cold – and most of it leaves me cold. This book is different. This author is different. This is a wise book. A collection of great stories about creating the greatest story of all – a ‘brand story’ that is true and compelling and that persists. This is not a ‘quick read’ – it is a book to savor and discuss with only your best friends and colleagues. Great brands are about who we are – in the end, character issues. Bravo, Scott – now I understand why you are perhaps the greatest brand maven of our time!
— Tom Peters
I don’t think there is anyone in the world who knows more about strong brands than Scott Bedbury– there is certainly no one who can tell his story and make his points with such insight and wit. 
— Kevin Lan Keller, E.B. Osborn Professor of Marketing Amos Tuck School of Business
A great brand is a story that’s never completely told.
— Scott Bedbury


We help clients become better, not just bigger, and prepare them for an increasingly transparent world where everything will matter more.  What a brand chooses to say, how it says it, what it makes and how it makes it, who it hires, what is stands for and who it stands with, will build or dilute the most valuable possession for any company – brand trust. 

There has never been a better time to be fully engaged and transparent in our intentions, methods and impact on employees, communities and the environment. We believe every business should serve a purpose greater than profit and find ways to make the world better for  their place within it.

The cowards never started, and the weak died along the way - that leaves us.
— Nike Co-Founder Bill Bowerman on the Oregon Trail

We're Rooted in the Northwest  

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Brandstream is based in Bend and embraces the spirit of Cascadia and the explorers, pioneers and rebels who had the sense to bypass the Gold Rush and stay in Oregon.

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